"Dear Lie" is a song by R&B/Hip-Hop girl group TLC that was released as the third and final single off of their third

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studio album FanMail. Though it managed to enter the top 40 in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, it was widely considered a minor success compared to its predecessors "Unpretty" and "No Scrubs", peaking at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. An accompanying music video, directed by Billy Woodruff, was filmed but remains unaired in the United States. "Dear Lie" was not featured on TLC's greatest hits compilation albums Now and Forever: The Hits, Crazy Sexy Hits: The Very Best of TLC or 20.

Background and compositionEdit

"Dear Lie" is a folk-inspired R&B ballad written by TLC member Tionne Watkins and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, who also serves as the song's producer.

Music videoEdit

The music video for "Dear Lie" was directed by Billy Woodruff and shot from September 26-27, 1999. It was the

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last music video shot during Lisa Lopes' lifetime and the second to last music video to feature all three members before the music video for "What It Ain't" by Goodie Mob featuring TLC was released six months later.

The video features solo parts of both Chilli and T-Boz in an apartment and performance shots in a hallway during the chorus. Lopes is shown running down the hall, knocking at the doors before running out of the frame.

Track listingsEdit

  • CD single
  1. "Dear Lie" (radio edit) - 3:56
  2. "Dear Lie" (album version) - 5:12
  3. "Unpretty" (M. J. Cole Mix) [Vox Up] - 4:48
  4. "Sleigh Ride" - 3:51
  • UK CD single 1
  1. "Dear Lie" (radio edit) - 3:56
  2. "Dear Lie" (album version) - 5:12
  3. "Sleigh Ride" - 3:51
  • UK CD single 2
  1. "Dear Lie" (radio edit) - 3:56
  2. "Sleigh Ride" - 3:51
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