The Big Garage is a Canadian Children series Produced by Family Channel and the Canwest Global System from 1995 to 1996. The show was aired on the Canwest Global System for 2 Years from 1995-1997 and on Family Channel For 4 years from 1995-1999. The Big Garage was also aired on TLC's Ready Set Learn from 1997-2001. The Big Garage was cancelled on the Global Television Network until the Global G was now The Global Cresent in August 1997 But Family Channel continued with the Big Garage for 2 More Years from 1997-1999 and then got cancelled in October 1999 until Family Channel's logo was now the Original Blue Family logo But TLC's Ready Set Learn continued with The Big Garage for 2 more years from 1999-2001 and then got cancelled in 2001.

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